Why is Gramho the best Instagram analyzing tool?

Are you looking for a tool to help you analyze your Instagram account? Gramho will solve your problem. It is a free tool that will make maintenance and explore your Instagram just like a piece of cake. If you do not know how to operate this tool then this blog is for you.

Suppose you are tired of spending so many hours inquiring about your Instagram account’s details. Indeed it must be annoying to find the correct one. It is understood that every app has a manual operating process to view details. Which is truly a tiring activity to do every day.  

It plays an important role to overcome the burden of busy bees. Further, it extracts and brings up the details of public profiles on Instagram through its advanced tools. It’s a plus point if you have this tool. Below in this article, we have discussed its uses, benefits, and alternatives. Moreover, you will have a comprehensive guide on ‘How to use Gramho?’

What’s Gramho and its main facts?

It is an analyzing tool, which analysis Instagram and non-Instagram public profile accounts. You can easily find the likes on the posts and influential followers, or you can research the celebrity or a  trending personality. You can research any public profile without paying any penny.

Gramhir.com has another unique feature that allows you to access confidential details. All you need to do is just putting various usernames in the search tab. After entering the usernames, you will

be able to see certain things like interactions, impressions, and posts among the various profiles.

Further, it will make it easy to analyze the statistics of different accounts. The statistics given by the Instagram app are quite similar compared to Gramhir.com.

Benefits of Gramhir.com

Why is Gramho the best Instagram analyzing tool?

Personified Statistics

As above, its simple to analyze an account’s statistics by using Gramho;

  • Average likes on every post (Instagram does not contain this feature)
  • Traffic on Account
  • Time-lapse between different posts
  • Comments gained per post
  • Last but not least you can edit any part of posts, texts, hashtags, captions, and videos or images

Moreover, Instagram is not able to show this detailed information. All the above-mentioned features are not yet set up on Instagram. They only show the per post or total likes, comments and skips, etc. However, you can not look over others’ profiles.

It’s simple and also time-saving

While checking the insights of your favorite celebrity or magazines takes your precious time. However, Gramhir.com takes a few seconds and immediately gives you all the information you have asked for. Further, you can access this tool both on smartphones and PCs.

It’s a 100% free tool

This tool and its feature is free to use. So there is no need to give any information related to your wallet or credit cards.

Editing of photos and videos

Gramho also contains a camera that is similar to any other camera of smartphone. However, it comes with some additional features like luminous effects, stickers, texts, memes, and more to personalize your images.

Further, you can save your personalized image in your gallery of smartphones and also able to directly share the picture on any social platform from this website. These editing features and filters are also available on PCs.

Foresee the likes and followers

It is very helpful in estimating the likes, followers, and comments your post will avail.

Download anyone’s posts or stories

This featured website also has an option by which you can download pictures, stories, posts of anyone, and videos of reels. You just have to tap or click the download button.

Browse one’s profile as unidentifiable

There is a special feature due to which you can check on any one profile without notice. Further, you can easily stalk anyone or gets anyone’s private information by using It. However, as above with its downloading feature, you can also able to download that information.

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How does Gramho work?

Recently, It is redirected to Gramhir.com, so use the updated URL to get access the tool. However, Using it is not that hard as it only requires some simple instructions. Below, there are step-by-step instructions, to use this tool carefully.

  • First, Open Google
  • Secondly, go to Gramhir.com
  • And paste or type the desired hashtag or profile username to observe insights in search tabs. 
  • Then Click on the hashtag or profile you want to look at after getting the list of profiles that comes out. 
  • you will see the statistics appear at the top of the page after taping on one of them. 
  • Tap on any post that you like.
  • Moreover, tap on the download button for downloading the pictures or videos of your choice 
  •  if you want to watch the Instagram stories, tap on the icon with the blue arrow
  • Here, You can download stories, videos, and photographs as you like. 

Why Gramho well-liked among Instagram users?

As there are vast numbers of social media editing apps and websites. Gramhir.com is one of the best and most popular tools. It has more options and simple to use as compared to others. These make it one of the most ideal and profitable websites.

Other free best alternative tools

Why is Gramho the best Instagram analyzing tool?
  • Dumper
  • StoriesIG
  • Pixvox
  • Izoomyou
  • In fact


In the end, Gramho is the best among its alternatives and competitors. It comes with a variety of features. If you are a public figure then you should use it. So that you can enjoy its editing features, and browse the insights. After that share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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