How to Stop/Exit Navigation of google maps

Many people are currently facing problems arising with Google Map’s Navigation system. After using the Navigation system, it gets stuck on your screen even after tapping Exit Navigation ”X” button. Sometimes it keeps running in the background and sending notifications that cause irritation.

I have run into these issues too and caught irritated. It’s notification always hanging in my notification center when it’s not expected to be there. However, if your phone’s battery isn’t too much then it drowns your battery percentage further rapidly.

Exit Navigation by using Google Assistant In Google Maps

Mostly in every Android mobile phone, google maps makes its space in it and iPhone users install Google Maps via Appstore. Somehow we all are in need of Maps and this problem that we are facing has been carrying on for some years in Google software and still has not been solved officially.

When we need to go somewhere with which we are not familiar or strange places then we always take the help of Google Maps. However, while driving or in drive mode, we mostly use Google assistance to stay focused and drive carefully. We manually turn on the Google Assistant by calling ‘OK Google’ and it starts to instruct us (like where we are going and towards we have to go) through voice. After arriving at our destination we can simply turn off it by saying “Exit Navigation or Close Navigation”

Further if you are using direction navigation on Maps. An AI assistant usually starts talking to guide you about the direction which is a little bit irritating for some people. So if you don’t need this option, simply turn it off by saying ‘Mute voice guiding’. Later if you want it to turn on, simply say ‘Unmute voice guidance’

Guide to use an AI Assistance

In case you are not used to Google’s AI Assistant, don’t panic. You can easily set it up by turning on the AI features on your Smartphones. All smartphones no matter old or the latest have these features. It’s also not necessary which branded phone you have. Using this is as easy as clicking a snap. You can use it while eating, cooking, driving, or doing anything that your hands are not free.

You can start the AI Assistant by saying “OK Google” and it’ll automatically turn on and appear as a dialogue box at the bottom of your smartphone. Where you’ll watch various colored dots blinking in that case and that’s the time when the AI assistant is waiting for your command. So you can ask it anything about weather reports of different places, open maps, or anything that comes to your mind or need. It will answer or show what you have asked immediately.

How to manually Exit Navigation

In Google Maps, at the bottom on the  left corner side of your smartphone where you can see a cross sign “X’. By tapping on this you can Exit the app and Exit Navigation.

You can also just open the notification bar and click on Exit the navigation. You will get rid of this problem by doing this.

How to Stop/Exit Navigation of google maps

Similar ways to Exit the Navigation

  • One easy and simple way to exit the navigation is just closing the app.
  • Secondly, when you exit the Maps or even after tapping the exit button, it doesn’t quit or stuck on your notification bar. So then you have to block the notification.
  • Open the notification bar of your smartphone
  • Tap and hold on the navigation’s notification for 2 to 3 seconds and a dialogue box appears
  • Tap on the block option and you will never see the notification there until you unblock it later
  • If in any case, these two options didn’t help you out. At the end, there is only one option left
  • Go to your phone settings
  • Then Tap on Apps management and select Google maps. A window will open and you can see the disable or force stop options below the app’s name.
  • By selecting one of both options, your Google Maps stop working in the background and all the annoying notifications will also vanish.


Some people in case to get rid of these inconvenient notifications clear the whole app’s data. I would like to recommend you the opposite it is better to force stop or disable the app than clear all the information it holds.

So if you follow the given instructions. It’ll surely help you out to free yourself in one way or another. In order to Exit Navigation you just need some solid information and friendly guidance which we already provide you. Hope it helps you in finding your ways and makes your life easier.

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